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February 28, 2012

Emerging Scholars: Contributing to Critical Indigenous and Race Feminist Scholarship. A Cross-Disciplinary Penel Featuring Indigenous Graduate Students' Research

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February 3, 2012 Gathering Strength
A Night of Performance Celebrating the Role of Faith in Resistance
February 3, 2012 Gendered Colonialisms: Religion, Violence, and the Canadian State.
Panel and Discussion
February 2, 2012

Imperialism, Feminism and Violence: Interfaith Perspectives on Women's Resistance
Panel and Discussion. Collaboration with “Women for Peace Against Fundamentalisms” and the Interfaith Institute at Simon Fraser University.

February 2-3rd, 2012 Women for Peace Against Fundamentalisms Events Project between  Peace for Life, Philipines and the  Interfaith Institute for Justice Peace and Social Movements , Simon Fraser University. http://www.peaceforlife.org/ http://www.interfaithjustpeace.org/
January 26, 2012 International and Canadian Perspectives on Illegal Drugs, Trafficking and Addiction. Film Didcussion with Dr. Susan Boyd. Presented by the Liu Institute for Global Issues and RAGA Link to poster
November 01, 2011

Killed in Canada and Remembered in Israel: Mapping the Geopolitics of the “Aqsa Parvez Memorial Grove

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October 06, 2011

Emerging Scholars: Contributing to Critical Race Feminist Scholarship, Co-Sponsored by the Liu Institute

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  WMST 480 Community Practicum Presentation - Women as Agents of Change link to poster
May 07, 2011 A symposium on the making and re-creating of memory and community. Sponsored by the Museum of Vancouver, the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration and the University of British Columbia's Department of Asian Studies and RAGA. link to poster
May 04, 2011 "Out of Africa" - Lecture by Professor Pal Ahluwalia  
April 03, 2011

Postcolonialism and Critical Pedagogy. Keynote Speaker: GAYATRI CHAKRAVORTY SPIVAK, Columbia University. SOCIAL JUSTICE PRAXIS: Theory, Research and Activism on Campus and in the Community

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March 24, 2011

Service Learning for Social Justice and Cultural Studies Praxis. Keynote Speaker: AWAD IBRAHIM, University of Ottawa. SOCIAL JUSTICE PRAXIS: Theory, Research and Activism on Campus and in the Community.

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March 17, 2011

Anti-racism and Critical Race Feminist Theory. Keynote Speaker: SHERENE RAZACK, University of Toronto. SOCIAL JUSTICE PRAXIS: Theory, Research and Activism on Campus and in the Community.

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March 03, 2011 Indigenous Praxis and World Majority Peoples' Identity Politics. Keynote Speaker: TRACEY LINDBERG, Athabasca University. SOCIAL JUSTICE PRAXIS: Theory, Research and Activism on Campus and in the Community. link to poster
February 24, 2011 Flim Screening of the Best Film Debut Award winner documentary on the partition of India and Pakistan by Sarah Singh. THE SKY BELOW link to poster
February 10, 2011 Odissi Dance Performance by Sitara Thobani. Followed by Discussion.DANCE & WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT: A FUNDRAISER FOR THE DOWNTOWN EASTSIDE WOMEN'S CENTRE link to poster
January 27, 2011 Film Screening a spiritual land claim, The Best Experimental Film Award at the 2007 Dreaspeakers International Aboriginal Film & Television Festival link to poster
January 21, 2011 Islamophobia: An introspective look at Gender & Race link to poster
January 21, 2011 Islamophobia: Implications for Global Health link to poster
January 20, 2001 Islamophobia: Critical Resistance through Art. link to poster
January 19, 2011 Indigenous Women Weaving Resistance and Memory - From Canada to Colombia - Jill Harris (Snumithiya) and Pilar Riano-Alcala  
November 18, 2010 Film Screening SKIN,. Based on a true story of Sandra Laing link to poster
October 28, 2010 Film Screening SLEEP DEALER. Set in the future where people can plug into a global computer using installed body holes that tap in their nervous system. link to poster
October 22, 2010 Pubilc lecture by Dr. Melinda Smith.University of Alberta. "Storytelling about the practice of Equity and Diversity"  
September 23, 2010 Film Screening and discussion BARKING WATER. Sterlin Harjo personal road trip through Oklahome link to poster
September 16, 2010 RAGA Open House . Our move to the Jack Bell Building.  
November 17, 2008 Commemorating Over 100 Years of South Asian Presence in Canada link to poster

For event details see: http://www.southasianevents.blogspot.com/

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April 12,2007 Book launch of Valerie Raoul, Connie Canam, Angela D. Henderson, Carla Paterson, eds., Unfitting Stories: Narrative Approaches to Disease, Disability, and Trauma
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March 30,2007

“Culture, Narrative, and Auto/bio/graphy in the Digital Age”

Video by Sam Migliore © 2005, Sam Migliore, Kwantlen University College
QuickTime version. Requires QuickTime, click here to download plugin.

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March 1, 2007 Jane Mattisson: “Representation of the Hero in World War One” link to poster
Green College “Autobiography and Film” Speaker Series
May 28,2007 “Inclus-Civi (Ci) ty: Video Documentaries and Discussion with members of Anti-DOTE” link to poster
April 13, 2007 “Auto/bio/graphical Genres: Life Stories in Film and Print” link to poster
February 28, 2007 Blood (2003) & A Girl Named Kai (2004)” link to poster
February 5, 2007 Footbinding: Searching for the Three Inch Golden Lotus link to poster
October 26, 2006 “Probing History and Memory: Navigating between the Document of Documentary and the Personal Experimental Film” link to poster
June 25, 2006 Root Causes of War: Feminist Analyses and Women’s (Re)actions”,
an event held in association with the World Peace Forum
November 2, 2005 Video Workshop with Brian Charles  
June 7, 2005 Workshop on Interview Methodology link to poster
March 22, 2005 Presentation by Michael Riordan, author of
An Unauthorized Biography of the World: Oral History on the Front Lines (2004),
Eating Fire: Family Life on the Queer Side (2001)
Out Our Way: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Country (1998) and
The First Stone: Homosexuality and the United Church of Canada (1992)
March 11,2005 “Getting our Lives Together: A One-Day Workshop on Auto/bio/graphy as/in Research” link to poster
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